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I will seal the darkness away
24 July 2020 @ 10:44 pm

You know the roll~

Character Relationships
I will seal the darkness away
28 December 2011 @ 03:07 am
[ A new feed starts from Ur, this time looks like she did it in her own and this is not an accidental one. The place seems to be her room, as she's done putting her gifts in a nice place. ]

I know it's a bit late, but thanks for the gifts. I---

[ There's a small knock in the door. Ur raises her calm gaze to it, leaving the PokeGear on the night table as a reflect. She walks towards the door and opens it, finding the owner of the Inn with a box in their hands. Ur speaks some words, and confused as Hell, she takes the package with her. When the action is done, she then closes the door and walks back, placing said box on the floor. ]

Hm? There's no address or anything.

[ A bit doubtful, she opens the box. And for a large moment, the room falls silent. She forgets that she's even recording this when her eyes become wild, almost as if she couldn't believe what it was in front of her. Inside that box, there are some kind of clothes. Or to be more precisely, they are baby clothes.

Ur's hand slowly moves to grab a piece of them. Her hand is shaking, and her eyes are lost in it. She holds them softly, almost as if she were afraid that they would disappear in any moment. When was the last time she saw them? There was no doubt that they were the clothes she had for her daughter. That daughter she lost when she was a small child, that child that was taken away from her a long time ago.

Since she arrived to this place, she never once thought this would be possible... And yet, they were in front of them. A memory that she tries to suppress everyday so she can continue living. Why now? It was a kind gift from Johto? She wasn't sure, but she sure found herself wrapping her arms around the tiny piece of clothes and sobbed a bit.

A rare sight indeed, for a strong woman like her to cry after this long. But as a Mother, watching this, she couldn't help the sad tears that keep flowing from her eyes. The silent crying of a woman who lost her daughter soon filled the empty room where no one but here were in. And soon, the recording finally ending the last scene being a woman who was crying for a child that wasn't there anymore. ]
I will seal the darkness away
22 December 2011 @ 02:29 pm
[ Abruptly, a new video feed starts from Ur's PokeGear showing the Goldenrod's Store. Apparently, things aren't going pretty well because she got herself in some strange situation. From what you can see, there's a child crying and an angry man about to do something not wise in front of this woman.

Who just jumped and punched his face. ]

Don't you dare to move.

[ She sighs and gets ready to fight four people. Which leads in her kicking their asses without any kind of mercy. Before she notices it, she steps on the Gear, ending that feed.

However, some minutes later, she opens a new one, this time aware of the recording, from the police station. ]

This is going to delay my Christmas's shopping. Hey, Johto, one thing: The store's crazy when there are two days left to this celebration.

Since I'm out for the rest 'f the day, let's ask around... What's important to you in your life?

[ A thoughtful pause. ]

Smoker, Luffy, where are we celebrating Christmas? Ritsu and Kisa, you two tell me too.

[ Another sigh, she's a bit bored here too. ]
I will seal the darkness away
17 October 2011 @ 11:22 pm
[ This video starts with one (1) angry Ur in the screen. In fact, she normally tries to avoid talking to everyone when she's in one of those days, but this time she's making a exception. She's outside Goldenrod City, arms crossed under her chest and a displeased look in her face. ]

Let's make it simple. Johto, how do you deal with someone who KEEPS CALLING YOU TO TELL YOU USELES STUFF YOU DON'T WANT TO HEAR?!

[ This is why she never gives her number to anyone. ]

Last time I do somethin' like this, I swear. Good thins is that I don't have to hear 'bout the Rattata thing from that brat Joey. But the Pokefans are gettin' on my nerves.

[ She holds to the camera a pikachu costume. ]

'M not wearin' this. So speak now if ya want to claim it.
I will seal the darkness away
31 August 2011 @ 10:04 am
[Today, in Ur's channel, we get to see her letting her pokemons play with the water. But she's taking her time to do something else when the feed starts. The camera moves closer and you can see that she has been working in something like this...

That's right! She has been working really hard and now she's taking a break from it. Then, she turns to the feed scratching her head a bit.]

Hey, Johto, what do you do to spend your time here? Tsk. Still gettin' used to not do this with my magic... But feels nice in some sort of way.

Ah, Smoker, I reached Olivine. Whenever you want to meet up, I'm here on the beach.

Guess that's all for now.

[And the feed ends.]
I will seal the darkness away
11 July 2011 @ 08:57 pm
[Ur did promise to record her badge against Clair, and she's doing so. When this feed starts, it shows Ur's Lapras, Wild Rose, facing Clair's Gyarados. Next to her it's her other Lapras, Rose, and her Venasaur.]

You didn't use your Venasaur because you know my Gyarados has ice-based attacks that would put you at disadvantage. Impressive, but sending a water-type won't be good either.

You have too much to learn, kid. Let's get this started, I don't have time to waste. Wild Rose, show them the power of ice.

Gym BattleCollapse )

It's over now. You did well, kid.

I lost? I don't believe it. There must be some mistake... I won't admit this. I may have lost, but you're still not ready for the Pokémon League!

Don't play games with me, Clair! Just give me the badge.

I know. You should take the dragon user challenge. Behind this Gym is a place called Dragon's Den. There is a small shrine at its center.

I don't care about..! YOU'RE JUST A BRAT!

[The feed ends with an annoyed Ur. 30 minutes later, a new one starts with Ur coming back to the gym, her clothes are completely wet, ready to punch Clair in the face. But before she could do something, Clair hands out the badge.]

All right. I recognize your true power. This Badge is yours

[Ur takes it tired and puts it with the others, before turning back and start walking to the next city. She grabs the Gear while she walks to talk now.]

Some 'f you wanted to see the battle, there it is. Kisa, Ritsu, I'm sorry it took me so long to start moving. Smoker, Luffy, I pay the dinner when I get back to where you guys are.

[Her pokemons make a happy sound and she ends the feed with a small smile.]
I will seal the darkness away
22 June 2011 @ 01:03 am
[For some minutes, the video shows a worried Lapras right next to Ur's body. She's not in a house or anything similar. In fact, she's outside and all her pokemons are taking care of her. Both Lapras are using her bodies to protect Ur from any harm and the others are forming a defensive barrier to fight back any harm.

She's outside Blackthorn City and her pokemons couldn't move her more than that. Then, after a while, Ur finally wakes up. She looks around, checking where she is.

The Living World. She's not dreaming anymore.]

You all... protected me while I was away?

[To answer that, all her pokemons go to snuggle her. She can't help but to smile a bit and hold them close. Then, she's grabbing the Gear to talk to everyone.]

Don't know how many of you remember where we were... Or how long I was out... But, it feels good to be back. Thanks, uh, I guess.

[She looks away and goes to filter this.]

[Video; Kisa]

Kisa, if you see this, please call me. I want to talk with you 'bout somethin'

[Video; Ritsu]

What I said in that place, I meant it. You have my word that I'll be there for you to create your own future.

[Finally, she ends the feed.]
I will seal the darkness away
02 June 2011 @ 08:07 pm
[It's video time for Ur! And she's not happy at all. If someone manages to recognize the background, they will notice that Ur is in Blackthorn City this time.]

I'm taking requests for anythin' you want from this place. The Gym Leader uses Dragon-Types for what it seems. Haven't tried for the badge yet, but I'll do it later.

'M not surprised that I woke up here a few days ago, but it's starting to piss me off. Last time I ended in the Ice Path. Tsk. I need to do something to relax.

Also, there are some strange pokemons around here. One would say that after a year I would get used to anything... [A sigh.]

I'll try to move to Goldenrod soon.

[And the feed ends.]
I will seal the darkness away
23 May 2011 @ 10:00 pm
[It seems this feed starts with Ur's voice catching a break to breath a bit. She didn't want to turn the feed on video for a reason, but it's clearly obvious that she's in trouble because most of her team is Water-Typed based. Especially her two overpowered Lapras.]

Let me tell ya somethin'.... If I find out who is behind this, I'll make sure to teach them a lesson 'at they will never forget.

And I'm really serious.

[She growls a bit and lets a small cry of pain leave her lips. Yet, she makes a small pause.]

Luffy, Kisa. Do NOT be outside or near any water types. Understood?!


So many people have to suffer because of this... Damn it.

[She ends the feed. If you are outside Goldenrod's Inn, you can see Ur who seems she just went out of a serious fight and needs a medic.]
I will seal the darkness away
20 April 2011 @ 02:44 pm
Hey Rose, Wild Rose. We should get movin'. We're done here.

[Her Gengar is recording this without Ur knowing about it. Both Lapras look at Ur, nodding a bit. If you look closely, it seems she just finished to grow some roses around Goldenrod. Wild Rose makes a happy sound at that, as she reaches to nuzzle Ur's face.]

Glad ya liked it. He has a nice dream, so I wanted to share it with others.

[Ur sighs and coughs a bit. Someone seems to have caught a cold.]

Not now...

[Maybe kicking some bugs was a bad idea. In any case, she walks a bit more but ends fainting outside Goldenrod. Her Gengar ends the feed worried. If your character is outside Goldenrod, they will find two Lapras and a Gengar trying to move her inside.]